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Insect traps are a key element in effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.

Knowing pest pressure is infinitely better than simply guessing at pest pressure.

Accurate assessment enables a grower to make informed, intelligent decisions, reducing the need for unnecessary and expensive pesticide applications.

Whether used alone, or in combination with a lure, Alpha Scents traps can help you stay ahead of infestations that eat away at plant productivity and yield.


Sticky traps have long been a foundation in insect pest monitoring. Easy to assemble and hang, they are also convenient to monitor. Alpha Scents offers basic sticky traps in four colors - yellow, blue, green and white - to target specific pests.

Panel traps are designed to mimic a tree trunk with a cut-out to hold a pheromone lure. Insects are collected in a cup at the base of the trap for evaluation. This type of trap is particularly effective in monitoring populations of bark feeding insects. The Brown Marrmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) Trap is a modified panel trap and a new addition to the Alpha Scents trap catalog.

Uni-Traps are highly versatile traps used to collect a wide range of agricultural and lawn pests such as beetles and moths.




Delta traps are ideal for monitoring small to medium size moths. Replaceable sticky inserts enable season-long, continuous monitoring of pest populations. Alpha Scents offers both paper and plastic delta traps in red or white.


Roll traps are available in yellow and blue depending on the targeted pest. Installation is easy. Roll traps can be used with or without lures, indoors or outdoors.

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