MalEx combines the best aspects of two technologies to provide insect pest control that is effective, selective and residue free.
pesticide plus pheromone equals malex 260Each 50 microlitre droplet contains a minute amount of potent knock down insecticide and a synthetic version of the pheromone released by the female of the targeted species to attract, or ‘call’, a mate.  

The attractant and insecticide are combined in a UV-absorbing carrier material that provides a slow, uniform release of the powerful pheromone.  Male moths are inevitably attracted to the small droplets of MalEx™ with which they attempt to mate.  Any contact with the product kills or disables them, thus preventing mating and subsequent egg-laying and larval infestation.

MalEx™ uses pheromones as they were intended to be used, to attract males.  They are not confused or overwhelmed.  Instead, they are simply and biologically attracted to the droplet where the insecticide component of MalEx™ does its job and takes them out of the mating cycle.

MalEx™ application methods:

MalEx™ tube applicatorTube Applicator:  comes with a manually operated calibrated pump that deposits individual droplets metered in an amount appropriate for the specific target species.  Droplets may be placed on leaves, bark, supporting rope or wires above rows, even plant stakes placed beside the infestation area.

Mechanical Application:  from a tractor, airplane, or helicopter.

MalEx pesticide volume comparison

Features and Benefits for Growers and the Environment

  • Effective:  controls and reduces target species populations and hinders development of chemical pesticide resistance
  • Selective:  targets males of the species only and will not harm beneficial insects or bees
  • Residue Free:  no residue or contamination worries as food safe MalEx never contacts the fruit
  • Worker Safety and Flexibility:  no concerns about re-entry (12 hrs) or pre–harvest interval
  • No Spray Drift:  no danger of over spray, drift, or inhalation and can be applied in any wind or weather condition
  • Accuracy:  can be accurately and easily placed where most needed
  • Waterproof:  unaffected by rain or overhead sprinklers, stays where you put it and never enters the water table
  • Reliable Results in Any Plantation Setting:  effective in plantations that are small or irregular, in greenhouses, and open field plantations
  • Enhanced Control in IPM Programs:  totally compatible with any IPM strategy
  • Dead Male Insects:  obviously dead males cannot mate and can’t wind up in neighboring untreated blocks





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