Codling Moth

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A Serious Pest of Walnuts, Apples and Pears

  • Introduced from Eurasia
  • Pest of apples, pears and English walnuts
  • Females lay up to 100 eggs
  • Fruit feeder
  • Produces one to five generations per year depending on climate

Codling moth larvae feed on a wide range of tree fruits in addition to walnut. Damage is caused by stings or larvae boring deep into fruit rendering it unmarketable. Any damage allows fungi and bacteria to infect fruit.

Traps & Lures From Alphascents

For effective intervention, traps with pheromone lures are essential for forecasting egg lay and hatch. Delta traps or wing traps with the appropriate lure can help determine present populations and future risks for more intelligent pest management decisions.

Contact local extension resources for specific regional recommendations regarding pest management strategies and control options.