Prionus is a no no!

The Prionus beetle has been a major pest of hops and pecans in the United States. You can find them primarily in Idaho, and parts of Oregon and Washington, where hops are concerned, and Georgia when it comes to pecans. The Prionus is a really difficult pest to control and get rid of. Unfortunately they can live, survive and nest for 3-5 years in the soil.

Whether in hops or in pecan trees, the Prionus larvae bores into the roots of the plant, depriving it of nutrients that are essential for its survival: water. When the plant has a lower intake of water, it puts a "stresser" on the growth process of the plant, and starts reducing plant growth. Furthermore, it can cause wilting and yellowing of the leaves, and even eventually kill the whole plant. Therefore it is a huge problem for growers.

After much research, scientists discovered a very good lure and trap to monitor and very effectively control the Prionus beetle. There are many cultural controls, however monitoring and control with traps has proven to be the most desired option.

The Alpha Scents lure and panel trap combination, is a great way to monitor your pest population. Because of the unique design, the beetles fly into the trap, and slide right down into the collecting cup.