The Story of Alpha Scents, Inc.

The story of Alpha Scents, Inc. begins with president and founder, Dr. Darek Czokajlo. When speaking about entomology, he will laugh and say the interest began “in the womb.” Driven by his passion for science and technology, he strives for economic security, which can be largely attributed to his upbringing in communist Poland. How do you become economically stable according to Darek? By building a company that is customer focused: embracing honesty, respect, trust and support, the rest are details. When discussing what characteristics Alpha Scents, Inc. reflects, it’s clear that the vision for the company is shaped by a desire to be loyal to all stakeholders, including customers, vendors, and his employees.

Since childhood, Darek was involved with biology clubs and interest groups, fueling his passion for the sciences and leading him to study forestry and entomology during his undergraduate and master’s studies. In 1985 he started studying and experimenting with insect traps, in particular bark beetle traps baited with ethanol lures. This is how Darek started honing his specialization and began asking the intriguing question of, “How could we use scents to manage insects?” In 1989, right before the fall of Communism, Darek emigrated to Canada and in 1993 started his PhD program in the field of Insect Chemical Ecology in Syracuse, New York.

After his graduation in 1998, one of his professors recommended Darek to a company in Portland, Oregon. This was a great and challenging opportunity as Darek was able to develop new lures, traps, and pheromone- based pest management tools in forestry and later diversifying into agricultural entomology. During this time, he brought in many grants and began making key contacts in the industry, government and research communities. Because of his research, he was largely in charge of R&D and production from start to finish. Then, in 2007, Darek created Alpha Scents, Inc.

In order to be successful in this specialization, we have met with clients, both domestic and international, firsthand. Darek has attended international symposiums and tradeshows throughout the world and has formed global business partnerships to help further his visions. He has participated in research opportunities in places like Kenya, South Africa, Turkey, Poland, China and many others where he also manages international research and development programs for Alpha Scents’ products.

At Alpha Scents Inc., we research, register, manufacture and market pheromone-based products for insect monitoring and control. Our products are designed to significantly reduce the use of pesticides and provide a more environmentally friendly method of insect management. We provide our customers with the best quality products on the market by ensuring that manufacturing is done by skilled technicians and under the direct supervision of PhD Chemical Ecologists.


Above all, and after all these years, we have learned that what’s most important in our business practice is honest dealings with concerned growers, collaborators, vendors and employees. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


- Alpha Scents, Inc. Team