Prionus californicus Longhorn Beetle Lure
Prionus californicus Longhorn Beetle Lure

Prionus californicus Longhorn Beetle Lure

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Latin Name: Prionus californicus

Recommended Trap: Panel Trap BLACK

Field Life: Change the lure every 7 weeks

Application Notes: Use one trap per ten acres for monitoring. Denser trapping may be used for mass trapping the male beetles. 


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Prionus Longhorn Beetle, Prionus Spp.

Across North America. Also prevalent in Europe and Asia. More than 28 species globally.

Notable pest of hops, pecan, a variety of hardwood trees, as well as apple, peach, cherry, grape, and conifers.

The life span of the adults typically ranges from 10 to 20 days. The larvae begin to target roots shortly after emerging. They create burrows and channels within the roots as they consume plant material, progressing upward and inward, frequently causing death to the apical areas. As the larvae mature and increase in size, they migrate from thinner to thicker roots, ultimately reaching the root crown. Pupation takes place close to the ground surface in a chamber made of soil and root debris. There is typically one generation every two to four years.


Panel Trap Black

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